We're two Christian mothers sharing faith with Children. We love the traditions of the different seasons of the church year, like the Jesse Tree, and wanted to create  ornaments that would help others share their faith with their children and last for years to come.  


So far we have created ornaments for Lent and Advent.  The ornaments sets feature our own art and writing  thoughtfully combined to help the stories enfold and come alive to families. We plan on expanding  into  other  church seasons and celebrations!  Please send us a note if you have any suggestions, a special request,

or to order a set.  


Sincerely,  Jane and Angie

O Antiphon Advent Set

Jesse Tree Ornaments Purple

Jesse Tree Ornaments Crimson

Christmas will be filled with great joy!

These ornaments can be used to accent your seasonal decor in a number of ways: hang on a string of ribbon across your dining room so the kids can see the anticipation of Christ's birth building, get a small tabletop tree to display the ornaments, use some branches in a vase to contrast the starkness of the darkness before Christ to the beauty of His coming, or simply hang them on your usual Christmas tree in the days before Christmas to transform it into an Advent tree!

28 beautiful wooden ornaments, that are lovingly sealed and coated, then directly printed with our original artwork to bring the true meaning and anticipation back to the season of Advent. They are truly beautiful, with the natural wood grain peeking through the images. Share the faith with someone you love with Jesse Tree Treasures!

Each ornament measures 2-3/8" in diameter and 1/4" deep. They are extremely durable and scratch and water resistant. Ivory yarn for stringing is included. The ornaments come in a white gift box and include a card with scripture references and a devotion for each day. They are coated with Jo Sonja's paints that were carefully selected to be safe and lead-free.

Start this tradition today and bring the deep beauty of the season into your life. It is a tradition that is sure to enrich the lives of your loved ones for years to come!

These stunning wooden ornaments reflect the light of Christ coming in the darkest part of winter as an infant in a manger. They are handpainted a beautiful gold which is the "O" in the antiphon. Then lovingly decoupaged with a beautiful  handpainted image that reflects the meaning of each antiphon. These ornaments are made with Jo Sonja's paints which are made from the finest quality pure pigments, the colors will remain vibrant and true for generations. The paint was carefully selected to be safe and lead-free.

The "O" Antiphons are a monastic tradition dating back to the 4th century. The antiphons are recited during evening prayer. This makes an excellent family     devotion for the week before Christmas, as it helps to build the anticipation of Christ's coming. These antiphons have great significance. Each begins with and "O" and calls Jesus a unique title which comes from the prophecies of Isaiah.

Each set of seven ornaments also comes with a devotional booklet. The antiphons correspond to a verse from the traditional hymn "O Come, O Come Emmanuel". These verses are included in the devotional, as well as the corresponding scripture and a short devotion.

a tradition you’ll love to share

Jesse Tree Treasures

Jesse 12 Days of CHRISTmas Ornaments

Enter into the full 12 days of Christmas with these fun and faith filled ornaments. They are based on the beloved song "The 12 Days of Christmas" and focus on the faith filled meaning behind each of the gifts. The cheery tune has been a merry reminder of the joy in our hearts as we celebrate the birth of our Savior. The gifts sound fanciful, but legend has it that each gift represents an aspect of our faith. It has been said that this song was used to teach catechism to children when religious instruction was prohibited. However the song originated, it is a good reminder that Christmas isn’t over after one day, but spans for 12 days of festivities culminating with the Epiphany. After the anticipation of Christ’s birth in Advent, these help us to celebrate and learn about the newborn king.
We suggest using these ornaments as a tool to mark the season of Christmas and as a way to affirm and teach the faith to children.

Each set includes: 2" wooden ornaments, red ribbons, divider cards with descriptions of each ornament and religious meanings, and beautifully gift boxed

For your reference, the religious meanings referred to are: (1) Jesus, (2) Testaments, (3) Theological Virtues, (4) Gospels, (5) Books of Moses, (6) Days of Creation, (7) Spiritual Gifts, (8) Beatitudes, (9) Fruits of the Spirit, (10) Commandments, (11) Faithful Apostles, (12) Points of the Apostles Creed  

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