We're two Christian mothers sharing faith with Children. We love the traditions of the different seasons of the church year, like the Jesse Tree, and wanted to create  ornaments that would help others share their faith with their children and last for years to come.  


So far we have created ornaments for Lent and Advent.  The ornaments sets feature our own art and writing  thoughtfully combined to help the stories enfold and come alive to families. We plan on expanding  into  other  church seasons and celebrations!  Please send us a note if you have any suggestions, a special request,

or to order a set.  


Sincerely,  Jane and Angie

Stations of  the Cross Cross

Parable Pouch

The Parable Pouch is a very hands on way to learn the faith!

This Parable Pouch will connect your child to the life, miracles, and parables of Jesus. The 17 smooth wood pieces will captivate them and hold on to their attention. As you read the stories to them from your favorite Bible and explain the symbol, the stories will become a part of each child. They will soon remember that the fish is when Jesus called Peter to be a “fisher of men” and the jar is when Jesus turned the water into wine. The scriptures for each of these stories is listed inside each box.

There is no correct way to use the pouches. The purpose is to let children that are naturally curious and “hands on”, to touch and feel an object that will evoke thoughts of Jesus. We hope that this will help them to grow in their relationship with Jesus, and knowledge of Him.  A great gift for the Easter basket or Christmas stocking, the Parable Pouch will be used year round to learn the faith. Each set includes: 17 wood shapes, 2 scripture cards, velvet bag, and gift box

These beautiful hand painted images are a one of a kind expression of the events of Holy Week. The images come from our original folk painted artwork. The prints are made on a very durable coated material and made to be resistant to damage from everyday handling. They will be treasured for years to come.

These  ornaments  can  be used sequentially during Holy Week starting on Palm Sunday, or sooner with one ornament per day. We've included 8 eggs, 1 cross, and a booklet with 10 devotions, and wooden dowel tree. On Easter Sunday, the cross may be flipped around to see flowering Easter lilies, a celebration of our new life in Christ.  Many of the symbols on the ornaments represent more than one of the events from Holy Week, which allows your family to experience more of the richness of the last week of the earthly life of Christ.

We hope that this tradition will become a part of your family's observation of Holy Week. We especially hope that these stories become a treasure in the hearts of your children.  The set is sold WITH the tree.


Holy Week Ornament with Tree

Same as the Holy Week ornaments, except without the Tree.  Can be used with any of your existing egg trees or branches.

Holy Week Set includes; 8 Egg ornaments, 1 Double sided cross, 9 cotton strings, 10 page devotional with scriptures in a Gift box


Holy Week Ornament set without tree

These  ornaments  are a  gorgeous  representation of our Lord's Passion. This devotion is a series of 14 stations  that  depict different  parts of the Lord's  walk to Calvary. A beautiful tradition to bring into your home and share with your family -- it will bring you all closer to the Lord as you contemplate his love for you.
These are intended to enrich your family’s experience of the Stations of the Cross by creating ornaments that are visually captivating for children. This allows them, with your whole family, to ponder in their hearts what Jesus has done. The meditations are simple and geared toward children. Several scriptures are also included on each page.

We have included a bonus ornament for the fifteenth station -- The Resurrection. The  passion  and death of Christ does not make sense to children unless they understand that he rose again and is still alive. We have created the image on a cross to keep in the spirit of Lent, but to remind young people of the resurrection.

The Stations of the Cross Set includes: 14 - 1-1/2" x 2" station ornaments, 1 - 4" Resurrection cross, 1-16" Wooden Dowel Tree, cotton strings and a booklet with 15 devotions. The ornaments come nicely boxed, ready for gift giving. The images come from our original folkpainted artwork. The prints are made on a very durable coated material and made to be resistant to damage from everyday handling. They will be treasured for years to come.

a tradition you’ll love to share

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